FAFBA Golf Tournament
13th Annual Fairmont Football Association Golf Outing and Silent Auction


Friday, August 11, 2023
Rose Lake Golf Course, Fairmont, MN


Our 13th Annual Fairmont Area Football Association (FAFBA) Golf Outing will be Friday, August 11th, 2023 at Rose Lake Golf Course with 1 PM Tee Times start. We sincerely THANK everyone who has helped support us in the past and we look forward to developing relationships with our new sponsors. To help in your decision process, we would like to share with you where the donated dollars to FAFBA have been spent.

 First and foremost, the donated dollars have been used to purchase equipment that has made Fairmont Football one of the safest programs in southern Minnesota.

1) Every year for the last ten years we have helped the program purchase state of the art concussion proof helmets. Nearly all of the players in 9-12 now have a concussion proof helmet. With your help, we would like to keep that high level!
2) We have helped the program purchase practice equipment such as a Blaster, a blocking chute, a Junior High blocking sled, and tackling rings. These pieces of equipment help promote safe and proper techniques for our players. We also help purchase a state of the art tackling sled which helps our players develop and practice safe tackling techniques. All of this equipment helps our players reduce their risk of concussion and neck injuries.
3) We have also helped in the upgrade of the equipment (helmets, shoulder pads, and jerseys) at the Junior High level. We want our program to be safe at all levels.
4) We have built a storage shed to store all of the equipment that we have purchased in the past in order to make sure it maintains its safest level.
5) We have purchased all of the equipment for the Elementary Program which will begin play in the Southern MN Youth Football League in 2023.
 We also want the sport of Football to be educational in the understanding of the game.

1) We have helped in the purchase of the equipment for remote filming. The coaches use this tool to teach the team about certain concepts of the game.
2) We have also helped in the purchase of a complete real time sideline replay network to play back plays to go over with the team in order to be better prepared and to lead the players by visual means.
3) We have helped the Varsity Team to Augustana football camp in the summer.
 We want our coaches to be well trained in the sport and help any person that wants to try the sport but may not be able to afford it.

1) We have sent our coaches to training seminars.
2) We help support the funding for the Junior High and Elementary programs through scholarships and coaching assistants.
 And we want football to be fun!

1) We help sponsor the Spaghetti Dinners on Thursday nights during the season.
2) We help provide food and beverage to the varsity players after the away games.

Fairmont has a proud and storied football history. In the past several years, we have had five Section Champions and two State Runner-ups. With your help, FAFBA wants to continue this success with a football program that is SAFE and FUN for our kids. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

The FAFBA Board of Directors

Thank you for supporting Fairmont Area Football Association!

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2023 FAFBA Golf Outing
August 11, 2023
Rose Lake Golf Course
Fairmont, MN
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